DC PRO (Pupil Reporting Online)

Trying to keep an eye on the detail of individual pupil performance, as well as the school as a whole can be a tricky business. 

DC PRO is a single solution to keep track of all this and more.

  • Are you targeting for performance gaps to get bigger?
  • Can you find slow moving pupils or groups with just a click?
  • Is the progress made by children in your school even?
  • Is the story consistent across subjects and year groups?

The trick is the ability to ask and respond to these questions without losing sight of whether progress made by each individual child is in line with their ability and potential.

DC PRO makes this easy for you.

Visit www.dcpro.co.uk to see for yourself

 pupil tracking screenshot
  • Single view interface enables everything to be done in one place - simply and intuitively
  • Designed by teachers and headteachers 
  • Display assessment data in, and instantly switch between, levels, sub-levels, decimalised levels and point scores
  • Data can be colour-coded according to a selection of rules so you can identify underperformace at a glance
  • Instant grouping of pupils allows you to make comparisons easily
  • Set targets across the whole school according to a set of rules that you define
  • Tabbed view allows you to have many reports open at once 
  • Flexible routines enable you to imort existing pupil and assessment data
  • Instant filtering by standard and custom fields, such as free school meals, ethnicity, gender, EAL
  • Web-based interface accessible from anywhere, any time, securely and in any standard browser, including most smartphones and tablets.
  • Subscription licence means that you always have access to the latest version of the software, and all updates are included.
  • Special rates for school of less than 100 pupils (primary) or 300 pupils (secondary) - contact us for more information
Pupil Tracking