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Data Analysis

The  process of inspecting, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. We can help you produce reports that do this for you.


With the ever-changing curriculum and a challenging financial situation for local authorities, high-quality training support for schools is harder to obtain. This is especially true in data management and analysis, yet the importance of this work has never been higher.

Flexible online pupil tracking system

  • Tracking how you want it
  • Completely bespoke grade sets and objectives
  • Intuitive and time saving
  • Informs next steps for progression
  • All the reports you need in one place
  • Parental reporting

Bespoke Reporting

“DCPro is a very comprehensive package that is easy to use”

Nicola Mclntyre – Headteacher


We build websites built using an industry standard content management system (WordPress).

Software Development

Although our clients work towards similar goals, problems are approached from different directions and as such the solutions need to be diverse and tailored to each individual. We personalise our software development to meet specific requirements.

Thinking about Pupil Tracking?


Think about

We’re not the only ones excited about DCPro…

Currently used by 400 schools, throughout the UK and the rest of the world



Our websites offer..

Content Management System (CMS) – This allows you to edit your own content throughout the site so that you don’t have to rely on us to make changes to certain pages, photos and articles etc..

Responsive Styling –  Having your website run on different devices and resolutions is key to making your information accessible to all..

Bespoke Design – We will find a design that best suits your requirements..

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